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Our museum is located in a former civil defense bunker remaining from the 2nd World War. The building is still immediately recognizable as a high structure bunker.

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Please note our Winterbreak from 12/1/2022 to 2/25/2023.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the State NRW is regulating visits to the museum. Please follow current rules detailed at www.land.nrw/corona. Currently, no pre-booking is necessary.

The next tours for which bookings are still available are planned for November 30 and December 14, 2022
at 6:00 pm.
Due to restricted numbers, booking is essential. Please contact +49 (0) 208 6070531-0 or mail

10/2 – 11/30/2022

More than you know,
Closer than you think

Object stories from memorials
in North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia has 29 Nazi memorial sites. The traveling exhibition shows one object per memorial. Each of these 29 objects says something about the memorial from which it comes. But each object also tells a story about the people to whom they once belonged, from whom they were stolen, or who saved them for the present. Some were once part of religious celebrations, others helped practically in everyday life. Some things were toys, some jewelry. Today, they all have the same function: to encourage people to confront the past and ask what it means for the present. And since all the memorials display many other objects, the 29 objects also represent an invitation to visit 29 Nazi memorials throughout North Rhine-Westphalia.

From the ‚Blitzkrieg‘ in Europe
to aerial combat along the Ruhr



Permanent exhibition
In our revised exhibition “Home Front” we examine the story of the aerial war of the Second World War in the Ruhr District and Europe. At the same time, clues show the connection of the destructive and conquest war the Nazis started in nearly all of Europe with the allied aerial combat along the Ruhr River.

Yesterday and today
Examples from this region and also England show what the aerial war meant to people living through the Second World War. Wars today are still turning people’s homes to fronts, kill and destroy.


Guided Tours
Tours of the museum and the exhibition are suitable from 16 years onwards. Please note that due to the narrow and small spaces the group size has to be limited.

The next tour for which bookings are still available are planned for November 30 and December 14, 2022 at 6:00 pm.
Due to restricted numbers, booking is essential. 

Via Telephone: +49 (0) 208 6070531-0 or

School Tours
We are offering curriculum based workshops from 9th grade (15/16 years) onwards, please see educational offering.

Educational offering

Aerial war in Oberhausen. Subjects will meet the curriculum of the local history in NRW. Duration 2-4 hours. Suitable for pupils from 9th-13th grade (Age 15/16 – Age 18/19). Workshops can be held outside of opening hours or during school time.

Aerial safety and aerial war influenced the “Home Front” during the Second World War substantially. This workshop deals with the experiences of Oberhausen’s citizens as well as a European perspective. The attack tactics and politics of the Nazi Party as well as the Allied Forces are discussed. Additional focus is given to current conflicts and wars.

 Participation is free of charge

Booking and Appointments
Teaching Team of the Museum, phone 49 (0)208 6070531-11, e-mail: paedagogik-bunkermuseum@oberhausen.de

Further information in our brochure and at www.gedenkhalle-oberhausen.de

If you are interested in a printed copy of our brochure, please contact us.


Stumbling Blocks

One Stone. One Name. One Person.

One Stone
Artist Gunter Demnig has spent the last 25 years laying „Stolpersteine“ as a memorial to all victoms of the Nazis. In Oberhausen, these „Stolpersteine“ are part of the city since 2008.

One Name
A person is only forgotten, once his or her name is forgotten. The personalized „Stolpersteine“ remind of the people who used to live where we now live.

One Person
If you would like to actively participate in the laying of „Stolpersteine“ please contact us at +49 (0) 208 6070531-0 or at paedagogik-bunkermuseum@oberhausen.de

Further information on the „Stolpersteine“ in Oberhausen can be found at www.gedenkhalle-oberhausen.de


A selection of available publications

Andries ter Brugge: Zwangsarbeit und Befreiung. Erinnerungen an Oberhausen 1943 bis 1945 (Fokus Stadtgesellschaft / Studien der Gedenkhalle Oberhausen, Bd. 3), Hrsg. Clemens Heinrichs, Verlag Karl Maria Laufen, Oberhausen 2019, ISBN 9783874683944

Katalog zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung, Hrsg. Stadt Oberhausen, Bunkermuseum 2007

Christina Kubisch: Arkadien, Katalog zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung, Hrsg. Stadt Oberhausen, Bunkermuseum 2003

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